About the Founder

Neha Nadeem Akhtar, founder and CEO of Prime Prep, had a successful corporate career with  Unilever after graduating from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). However,  soon enough she decided to bid farewell to Unilever and fully pursue her passion – teaching.  Neha has extensive experience teaching diverse students with United States Educational  Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan since 2016.  She has taught GRE and GMAT at various universities in Pakistan such as IBA, NED, SMIU  and Karachi University. Not only this but she has also taught students online based in USA,  Hong Kong, South-Africa and the Middle-East.   Dedicated to understanding standardized exams in the best manner Neha has taken the exams  multiple times and has consistently scored top percentiles. Her academic and professional track  records have made her the top choice for students who wish to score high. Neha is now all set to  pursue her PhD in Economics from the UK in 2022 all the while making Prime Prep everything a  student needs to be successful in their higher education journey.