“My experience with Prime Prep has been amazing! Neha is a wonderful teacher who
actually makes learning fun. She gives you the attention and makes sure you’ve understood the
concepts fully before we move on. So glad to have found an amazing teacher (and friend) in

Anam Sadiq
Columbia College Chicago

“Prime Prep is highly recommended. Neha probably cares about your GRE score more than you
do yourself. Her commitment towards bettering every student’s score is reflected in the way
classes are conducted. Nobody in Karachi will guide you better on which resources to prepare
and how.
Especially recommended to people balancing GRE with work”

Sasha Haseeb
GRE Quant (160/170)

“I would highly recommend Prime Prep to anyone looking to study the GRE especially if you
have hectic schedules and need individual assistance. I was lucky enough to study with Neha
and would not have been able to manage work along with GRE prep without her focused
teaching approach.”

Ayesha Qadri
GRE Verbal Score (161 / 170)

“My SAT experience with Sir Sarim has been great. Even though I joined late, he gave me extra
hours and taught me everything in a short amount of time. So grateful I got a teacher as
committed to teaching, as him.”

Abdul Rafay
Credo College
SAT MATH SCORE (750/800)

“I couldn’t have done it without Prime Prep. Neha was extremely helpful and kind enough to
monitor my progress and guide me accordingly. Thank You so much!”

Raiha Akhlaq
Overall GRE Score (314/340)
GRE Quantitative Score (162/170)

“Prime Prep was a game changer for me. ‘I had the privilege of studying with Neha because she
was a constant motivation for me. She took personal interest in my development and made sure
I tapped into my potential of getting a good score. I highly recommend her, for she caters to your
individual academic needs and gives you the right pep talks when the reality of taking the exam
kicks in”

Simran Harichand
GRE Verbal Score (160/170)
GRE Quantitative Score (163/170)

I was lucky enough to have come across Prime Prep’s post on a social media group right as I
was about to begin my GRE prep.One of the most dedicated institutes I’ve had the good fortune
of studying with.Prime Prep goes above and beyond to ensure that their students are every bit
prepared for the exam they are about to take. It not only provided me with targeted resources to
help strengthen my skills but also worked with me tirelessly to help me overcome my math
anxiety. My instructor, Neha, took the time to gauge my
strengths and weaknesses and spent a considerable amount of time in helping me master the
skills I needed to score well in the GRE exam.
One thing that sets Neha apart is her passion for teaching, she does not run Prime Prep like a
business or treat her students like clients, but she puts in extra hours, makes students
feel comfortable and is genuinely interested in helping them score to the best of their
abilities.And if you’re as lucky as I was, you may also get to hear her talk passionately about
Netflix shows and scented candles!


“My experience with Prime Prep has been amazing! Neha is a wonderful and patient teacher
who spends time making sure everyone is familiar with concepts before moving forward.
Thank you, Neha, for instilling confidence in me to be able to take my GRE!”

Mahso Gichki
Kings College London

“Prime Prep is honestly a life saver. GMAT prep was such an overwhelming process for me
before I joined. Whether it be the format, actual course material or the tips and tricks. I was
done following lecture videos on YouTube before I signed up for this course with Prime Prep.
BEST DECISION EVER! I studied with Neha and She made everything so easy. The classes
were interactive and she ensured individual attention so one one lags behind. Overall it was a
great experience and would recommend 11/10.”,

Uzair Mirza

“I have been following Prime Prep for a while and when my time came to give the GRE, I
decided to opt for a crash course with Neha. As an instructor, Neha was extremely helpful. I had
forgotten a lot of the basic math concepts and she patiently got me through everything! She
provided ample practice material and accommodated me through my work timings too.
Neha was extremely observant of my progress and strong and weak points (which was
surprising since the classes were online due to the pandemic) and worked with me accordingly.
She invests a lot of hard work and time in her students and is always available to answer any
queries and shares extra resources which I would have never had access to without prime

Javeria Vaqar

Joining Prime Prep’s GRE classes was one of the best decisions I could make. Neha is
dedicated and goes out of her way to help all her students out. She tackles your weak spots and
helps you improve within a short period of time. If you’re planning to attempt the GRE soon, I
definitely recommend attending Neha’s classes to prepare.

Nisa Khurram Hafeez

Having been a PrimePrep student back in 2018 whilst preparing for the GMAT, which by the way
I did over Skype as I worked in Investment Banking in London at the time, I can say with great
confidence that their team is highly skilled and dedicated. They have an abundance
of resources, and are always available to help. I would highly recommend Neha and her team to
anyone looking to crack the code!


I am a person who studied no maths for good 13 years, to top it off I was a bad math student. I
mean it was certainly a crazy challenge for any teacher to bring back to mathematics. but Neha
has been incredibly patient with me! today i am still not perfect with it but i’m reaching
somewhere Alhamdulillah. Neha is super friendly and a greatttt mentor. If one doesn’t
understand the concept, she makes sure to teach it as many times as it takes to clear it for a
student. I strongly recommend studying with her!

Yusra Kodvavi

Prime prep has honestly helped me so much with my prep. I studied from Neha and she has
been an amazing instructor who is always there to give you personal attention. Even in this
pandemic, she made sure that everything was covered and all the material was provided. Would
definitely recommend this place!

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Iqra Younus